The Training Officer


Now you are assigned to a new type of Training Officer. First of all, the rule for a trainee is.... Eyes Open, Ears Open and Mount SHUT! You are not allowed to speak to the general public (You don't know what you're talking about anyway). Should you be asked a question by someone from the public, you are to "Nod" towards your Training Officer. You are assigned certain duties such as carrying your Training Officer's equipment out to the radio car. This consists of a metal box containing all report forms and citation books, flashlights, shotgun, clipboards and your Training Officer's lunch. Your duties are to: run after anyone who runs from us, climb any fence, scale any wall, leap up on any roof, handle anything with a foul odor or caustic chemical, sift through any garbage bin for evidence and most important keep your Training Officer supplied with coffee and donuts. And it's going to be months in the future before you think about driving the radio car or even touching the switches to turn on the red lights and siren. When you went through the Academy, you knew the instructors would not punch you out, stab or shoot you. Now with the general public this does not hold true. You're new and scared and you realize your well being is being looked after by your Training Officer. You keep alert and listen to how your Training Officer deals with the public. You have heard that a "Bartender" is a great psychologist, however they never give advice that people must rely on. The rule now is to never make a situation worst!

You realize your Training Officer is: a referee, councilor, statesman, teacher, advisor, humorist, friend, politician, midwife, judge and sometimes jury. You are now sworn with that badge and gun to protect life and in some cases to take it. A tremendous responsibility now is upon your shoulders. Your brain is like a sponge in a desert rainstorm, sucking up all knowledge that you see and hear. After surviving this training, your department will feel that you are able to work a one man car. It's like having you solo with your airplane for the first time. It's a great feeling and you are on your road to a great career.

These cartoons depict the average trainee who's mind is completely scrambled, first by the sheer knowledge of what he has to learn and second by having a female Training Officer, who in one day has shattered any macho ideas he's had and has him agreeing that God indeed must be a woman.

Ret. Dep. Claude Anderson
Los Angeles County Sheriff Department




If you were to join the military, police or sheriff departments you will encounter individuals known as training officers or drill instructors. These individuals are formed out of a single mold.

First of all, to qualify they must be hard of hearing. They go through the day yelling... " I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"... You stand at attention and keep raising your voice until your throat is raw and your tonsils change sides..... "YES SIR, NO SIR, NO EXCUSE SIR!" Additional qualifications include being very near sighted. As the instructors stand one quarter inch from your nose and yell things your own mother wouldn't think of saying. Your brain freezes and your speech is inaudible.

Finally you graduate from the police or sheriff academy
or military boot camp. With the military, your are generally through with verbal abuse unless you volunteer for some life threatening unit to be closer to God. The police or sheriff graduates usually are assigned to custody or transportation units. After a time you might decide to transfer to patrol. The "Glamour" job of law enforcement.