The Training Officer

Claude Anderson began drawing since the first day he could hold a pencil. Having been blessed with "limited artistic ability", he drew cartoons throughout grammar, high school and college.

While serving in the U.S. Air force during the Korean War he had several cartoons printed in the Stars & Stripes newspaper.

After joining the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, he continued with cartoons appearing on locker and briefing room walls.

In 1972 he was asked to submit a cartoon for a new monthly law enforcement bulletin. "The Star & Shield" (Professional Peace Officer Association) After the first issued appeared, he was asked to keep drawing until he submitted a cartoon that was funny. Here we are, over 35 years later and he's still drawing. (Still nothing funny) His cartoons have also hit the locker rooms of the San Francisco PD and the Texas Highway Patrol.

He was assigned to Firestone Sheriff Station where he worked for 12 years. Seven of those years he was a training officer.

Now he still draws for P.P.O.A. and a Firestone Website on a regular basis. For a great Web Site with all types of stories, go to: Retired Deputy Jack Miller is the Web Master who encouraged and helped with this cartoon book


                                                 Korean War

807th AP SQ. SAC 3rd Air Division 3rd Aviation Depot Squadron

Guam - June 1955    Sentry Dog "Heirmo" F-200  


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