The Training Officer



The cartoons in this book are "Loosely" based on the "Firestone Station" located in South Central, Los Angeles, California and depict the humorous side of street patrol.

Firestone Station opened in 1955 and closed in 1993. Making way for the new "Century Station". During the '50's and '60's it had the reputation of being the third busiest station in the United States, as far as calls per car and crimes of violence were concerned.


The New York Harlem Precinct was first and Chicago's Southside was second. At that time the Station covered 44 square miles with a compliment of 190 deputies.

The Station policed across all ethnic lines, handling all criminal activity. Traffic accidents were handled by the California Highway Patrol.

During the time I was assigned to this station (1958-1970) I was blessed with working with the greatest bunch of men and women you could ask for. From the Captain down to the raw trainees, we acted like one big team. Our motto could be linked to the French King Louis XIII, with his "Musketeers" in 1625. "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE".

During this time we patrolled body armor, no personal radio to call for assistance, a stupid 38 cal pistol (six shots), compared to today's police officer with a 9mm automatic (seventeen shots).


Hey, no computers either! We wrote all our reports with a pencil. But time and progress move on, all for the better, for the Police Officer and better service for the community.

Technology changes....Human nature stays the same.

Ret. Dep. Claude Anderson
Los Angeles County Sheriff

        End of Watch
        June 9th 2007

Retired Deputy Sheriff:
Los Angeles County  Sheriff Department

Cathy was assigned to the Firestone Sheriff Station and worked there from 1968 to 1973


She was the inspiration for the female Training Officer in all the "Radiocartoons".


Her personality and wit will be missed by all who worked with her.